Our Company sells and markets investment property in five Southwestern States. We do not act as brokers for other individuals or companies; we only sell our own land. We may be reached toll-free by phone during normal business hours Pacific Time, or by fax, mail, or email.

Our Customers
We are privileged to work with some of the nicest, down-to-earth people on the planet. Even though most dealings are long distance, a number of strong relationships have been developed between the staff here and folks who have purchased from us. We are here to serve and help answer any questions you may have. And in putting people first as our number one priority, we have left a very long trail of satisfied customers. We are among the very few land sellers who can boast of 100% positive feedback after hundreds and hundreds of transactions over many years; (that's 100%). We have taken only a tiny sampling if you are curious to read their comments.

Our Accepted Methods of Payment
Whether you pay the full price up front, or buy through our EZ-Purchase Program, we are able to accept a number of methods of payment for your investment land. If paying the full amount, bank checks, business checks, personal checks, money orders, and under certain amounts, online Secure Checkout® or credit and debit cards may be used. For monthly payments, besides checks and money orders, you may opt for secure, direct withdrawal from the account of your choice (like a gym membership). We accept all major credit and debit cards which you may call in, or email instructions for us to run each month as you see fit, or you may opt to have your card billed automatically each month for you on the payment due date.

Our Commitment to You
As our name reflects, we will continually strive to make it as EZ as possible for you to own investment land. We keep our prices below market, and offer flexible EZ Purchasing. We work tirelessly to answer all your questions, before AND after you buy. And if times get tough for you and you contact us about it, we will work with you every way possible to either lower or defer your payments without penalty. Our goal is not only to make it EZ2OwnLand - but also make it Fun!!


Camper Trailer

Customers On Their Land

Customers' Kids (probably doing with they shouldn't do!)